The Kriya Method_Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

 Are you in need of a profound bodywork treatment that goes beyond therapeutic massage?

Has deep tissue massage not resolved your body’s challenges? Are you in need of a deeper release?

Are you ready to go beyond therapeutic massage and experience something new and totally different?

Beyond Therapeutic Massage
Stressed, tired of being in pain, worried about the effects of old age. Ever say to yourself “I’m too young to feel this old. How different would your life be without chronic pain, fatigue, and negative mental perceptions of health and aging?

Most people are limited by stress, trauma, and an inability to allow their body to heal itself. But in actuality, we hold limitless potential. What if you could have access to that potential? Well now you can, introducing The Kriya Method_NMT, a unique way to unlock your body’s potential and give you a renewed sense of vitality and longevity.

Are you tired of asking your deep tissue massage therapist to go deeper to get to that spot you need released?



The Kriya Method_NMT is the continuation and evolution of the work of Mark Lamm, a pioneer in the field of somatic therapy and the founder of BioSync®. After practicing BioSync for 20 years with Mark, I developed The Kriya Method_NMT after he passed in 2015. I expanded on his work to design a new treatment protocol and included post-treatment programs based on Kundalini Yoga_Meditation. It has helped hundreds of people transform their body’s from a life of pain and suffering, to a life of comfort and enjoyment. With The Kriya Method_NMT, we are able to assist your body to function at its highest potential by releasing the stored or recorded trauma as experienced by an accident, surgery, as well as work and sport related injuries. The Kriya Method_NMT frees the physical body, clears the mental body, and releases emotional wounds of hurt, grief and shock. The result: renewed vitality, feelings of youthfulness, improved blood circulation and organ function, and most important, quality of life and longevity.


What is The Kriya Method_NMT?

How is it different from therapeutic massage or deep tissue massage?

The Kriya Method_NMT is both a physical and energetic form of therapeutic bodywork which combines diverse Eastern and Western methods of healing. A holistic approach to somatic therapy based upon the Eastern principles of Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong and Aikido. This is a uniquely powerful and dramatically effective method of bodywork which uses the lifeforce energy, Chi, to unwind the restrictive tissue of the body.

This dynamic approach to personal transformation treats the entire body with a unique three-step process of simple movements in which the client’s clothed body is positioned on custom designed equipment designed by Mark Lamm, and basic yoga postures on a mat.

  1. Focused contact; accessing the tissue with the forearm or hand.
  2. Lengthening; manual traction of connective and muscle tissue.
  3. Unwinding; release of armored connective tissue and tight restrictive muscles.

The last step, unwinding, is what separates it from therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, rolfing and other forms of massage and bodywork.

The Power of The Kriya Method_NMT

Why therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage have trouble releasing deep, holding tissue.

There is a physical action of my body, the forearm or hand, to the client’s tissue; but the primary power behind this unwinding action is Chi spiraling from my power center, just below my navel point. In yoga this is called the third chakra, in Qi Gong the lower dantein. Chi is the life force energy within all things in the Universe. The yogis call this energy prana, and Yoda called it the force.

This spiraling pattern of Chi is generated by my intention, body position and movement, and is directed into the client’s tissue through my arm or hand. This spiral force of Chi is so inherent to our body’s ideal state of harmony; the tissue naturally relaxes and allows the application of Chi power without excessive physical force. This action creates very powerful changes in our body, reversing the aging process of the connective tissue and allowing us to access our highest potential.

Why The Kriya Method_NMT and not therapeutic massage?

The Kriya Method_NMT is a natural and elegant method of revitalizing and rejuvenating the body; to free the body of limitations and patterns of dysfunction, which are present as pain, limited range of motion and soft- tissue injuries.

The purpose of The Kriya Method_NMT is to erase or unwind the patterns of trauma memory recorded and stored in the connective tissue. As we experience life’s dramas and traumas, the connective tissue, in response, tightens and resists, armoring the body from further harm which hastens the aging process while still holding various patterns of dysfunction. When armored connective tissue releases, the person experiences dramatic changes on multiple levels, including restoring the natural length and flexibility to the tissue.

The Kriya Method_NMT  provides the technology to transform and restore the body to its true potential.

The Kriya Method_NMT has received international recognition for its remarkable success with a wide range of muscular and trauma related injuries.

Benefits of Treatments Include:

  • Relief from chronic and transitory pain
  • Very deep muscle and tissue release
  • Relief from stress and tension
  • Greater range of motion and flexibility
  • Regeneration and revitalization of body
  • Slowing and reversing the aging process

Coaches, athletes, celebrities, and business executives have found The Kriya Method_NMT indispensable for injury prevention, pain relief, rehabilitation, and maintaining their competitive edge.

The Kriya Method_NMT is for everyone, from those who have experienced physical injuries to those who simply wish to experience living life to the fullest, highest potential.

“With just one treatment from Himat, I was able to improve the precision and accuracy in my skiing. The Kriya Method enabled me to achieve the higher level of athletic performance I had been seeking.”   

— Jason Closic, PSIA Certified Level III Ski Instructor, Aspen Diamond Pro, Alpine Trainer

The Kriya Method_NMT, Treatment Equipment

The Kriya Method_NMT treatments are done on custom designed equipment.        

This equipment gives The Kriya Method_NMT practitioner the ability to place the client in a variety of postures which gives great accessibility to specific areas of the body while being fully supported in a safe and comfortable position.


Mark Lamm, the developer of BioSync and designer of the equipment.




The Arch promotes natural lengthening of the spine, releases tension in the sacrum and all the vertebrae of the spine by utilizing the powerful force of gravity. It gives the practitioner great access to the client’s muscles and connective tissue on the entire posterior side.




The Posture Chair places the client in an ideal position to work on the trapezius, pectorals, and gives the client the experience of openness and proper alignment while being fully supported.








Adding the extension to the posture chair allows the client to be in several yogic postures at an elevated height so the practitioner may access the body tissue from a yogic perspective.











The floorwork and footwork offer unlimited options on areas of the body that can be treated.






While each session is framed by a standard protocol to address the entire body, the work is tailored to suit each client’s individual needs.


Are you ready to go beyond therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage to experience profound release from your body’s physical pain?

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