Restore the Lost Art of Sex as a Spiritual Practice, using the Techniques of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Spiritual Sex and Human SexualityYogic Spiritual Sex Techniques for Expanded Consciousness

Spiritual sex is a pretty broad and vague term, generally associated with Eastern spiritual practices. You may be familiar with the Kama Sutra, an ancient Hindu guide to sexuality. Or tantric sex techniques, again generally based on Eastern principles. Spiritual sex for this conversation is based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan who lectured and taught extensively on this subject. The principles of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are appropriate for couples to use in order to gain greater intimacy, depth of emotion, and heighten spiritual sexuality and experiences during the act of sex.

Yogi BhajanRighteous sex is when you are sexually right. Never indulge in sexual relationships with anyone for any reason other than to relate to the soul of the person.” —Yogi Bhajan

As we have experienced in our own practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, these sacred yogic techniques can change the body and mind to allow the practitioner to experience the ecstasy of the realization of their divine essence, their eternal, undying soul within.

Much of what produces this experience of spiritual enlightenment is based on the energies of the chakras, the stimulation and balancing of the glandular system, strengthening the nervous system, and the raising of the Kundalini energy from the sacrum to the top of the head.

Hindu depiction of spiritual sexualityThese same internal conditions of sexual energy can be reached during the act of sex with a partner to raise the consciousness of both people, sharing their energies and frequencies to create a mutual experience of ecstasy and bliss.

Sacred, spiritual sexuality is the reclaiming of our divine right to merge our hearts and souls with another into one, in that moment of union, or more accurately reunion, with the infinite Creative force of God. All that is needed to achieve this experience is the awareness of how we function as infinite souls in our finite physical bodies.

In the Eastern traditions, sexuality was taught as an art and a science. The knowledge and awareness of the fundamentals and principles of yoga was required to reach these heights of sexual ecstasy, reunion and Spiritual Sexaul Connection. The ability to use one’s sexuality to raise their consciousness and that of their partners was a hallmark of a truly enlightened soul.

In yogic philosophy, male and female are the sun and the moon respectfully. Man’s sexual energy is the fire, and the woman’s is water energy. A woman has 11 moon energy centers, a man has one. A man has one arc line over his head, and woman has two; one over the head and the second across her chest, connecting her breasts.

These concepts are vital in understanding your partner and being aware of how to support, stimulate, and work with each other during foreplay, and in the act of spiritual sex to reach mutual fulfillment.

When the auras and subtle bodies merge, and both the lower chakras and the higher ones are joined, the flow of Kundalini energy can be completed. The upper poles of man and woman are joined at the heart, mouth, as well as the genitals, and an electromagnetic force is created. If man and woman can use their ability to channel the energy up to their higher chakra centers, they can experience a spiritual union, which transcends any personal pleasure or ego satisfaction. Yes, men and women are different, and it is with these yogic principles and techniques you can achieve the highest sexual experiences with your lover.

Sexual Energy & Intimate EnergyOur Western culture has placed an unhealthy emphasis on the physical aspects of sexuality. Objectifying the female body, creating an alpha male conquest mentality for men in their relationships with women, and placing little or no emphasis to the emotional component of love in sex is the norm in today’s media.

A healthy sexual relationship is based on reverence, devotion, love and absolute worship of the divinity in the temple of their lover’s body.

Sex is the ultimate physical union. Sex also nurtures the life force energy. Kundalini Yoga, the science of awareness, is a powerful technology that teaches the proper use of all our energies (including sexual energy).

Through yogic practice, each person can experience the potency, vitality and heightened consciousness that is their human birthright. The power to attract goodness, love, health, prosperity and peace comes from having a radiant aura and a healthy, balanced, centered life.

Let Himat Singh, the AspenYogi, guide you to restoring the lost art of sex as a spiritual practice, using the techniques of Kundalini Yoga, diet, and meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. These are techniques for students of spirituality, yogic sexual practices for expanded consciousness, with their powerful ability to transform and heal.

Coming soon, an e-book by Himat Singh on Spiritual Sex which will cover the following and much more.

  • Learn where the 11 moon centers are on the female body and why they are vital to the woman reaching a climax, over and over again during lovemaking.
  • Understand how to control the man’s fire energy, using it to sustain his erection, and how use it to heat up the females water element.
  • Practice a Kundalini Yoga set of exercises which will give the male potency, vitality, and a prolonged erection.
  • For the female, a Kundalini Yoga set for her radiance, vitality, and hormonal balance.
  • Venus Kriyas; meditations and yoga exercises for the couple to do together to create a stronger heart center connection and deeper intimacy.


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Yogi Bhajan

It is not healthy to have too much sex or too little sex. The purpose of sexual activity is to create the interlocked vibration between male and female. The glandular activity must accelerate to the point it comes to the full optimum point, and thereafter there is complete relaxation.” Yogi Bhajan

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