Nutritional Healing Cleanse

Nutritional Cleanse: A Program of Transformation and Rejuvenation

Nutritional Healing Cleanse ProgramThe Ultimate Comprehensive Cleansing & Purification Program

I want to share with you this nutritional Healing Cleanse which I have done every year for the past 15 years. This is the most comprehensive cleansing and purification program I have ever seen or experienced.

Dr. Robert Abbatiello, Clearpointe Healing Cleanse Program

It was developed by my friend and doctor, Dr. Robert Abbatiello, L.Ac, N.C. Dr. Robert has combined his expertise as a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, herbalist, homeopath and Kundalini Yoga teacher to develop the Healing Cleanse. He has carefully researched, developed, and refined this program over the past 25 plus years to provide the most accurate means by which to change the quality of your blood, and improve the flow of your spiritual and healing energy. Several thousand participants have benefited from this program!


Wooden bowl of mixed saladThis Healing Cleanse is a program of self healing that incorporates many of the most effective, time tested methods of natural healing. The Healing Cleanse is offered in two formats, an 11-day and 7-day program. They are exactly the same, with the 7-day program reducing the days by one in each of the four healing cycles offered in the 11-day program. They are programs that include a carefully formulated combination of juicing, dietary nutrition, advanced supplementation, homeopathy, Chinese & Western Herbs, Kundalini Yoga and naturopathic cleansing protocols, which works to rejuvenate the body at a cellular level. The Healing Cleanse is a completely natural process which supports the body’s own capacity to eliminate metabolic and xenobiotic (industrial) toxins, while simultaneously working to nourish cells and re-establish the body’s cellular integrity. During the Healing Cleanse, toxins are released from deep within the body and efficiently eliminated. It is not a laxative or purging program. It does not force your body into detoxification, but instead uses your natural pathways to deeply, gently and efficiently bring you back into health and balance. At the end of the program, you can continue healing with a new perspective, a more informed understanding and greater respect for your body and its ability to restore itself.


Daily Supplements for the Cleanse programYou are probably wondering what you are eating during the Healing Cleanse. The diet is vegan during the program for many reasons. First, it is an alkaline based menu which helps facilitate the release of toxins from the body in a natural, gentle process. Also by eating only plant-based foods we are able to quickly integrate the nutrients into the body with less energy being used in the digestive process. By taking in unprocessed, pure organic foods we are creating an internal environment that completely supports the work the supplements, herbs, and homeopathic tinctures are doing in the detoxification our tissues and organs.  Plus the natural healing quality of the foods helps in the overall effect of the Healing Cleanse. For example, including beets in the diet during the days we are focusing on liver detoxification is very beneficial.

Included in the Healing Cleanse package is a booklet that has a list of over 150 accepted foods, which includes fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, spices and some grains. You have a wide variety of choices. If you do not like a certain food, you are not forced to eat it. Included are some recipes for meals, juicing combinations, and specific instructions on what foods to focus on during certain days of the Healing Cleanse. Some days nuts and beans are not acceptable and green vegetables are encouraged.

Healthy Green SmoothiesYou will not be hungry during the Healing Cleanse. Eating full meals is encouraged, it helps support the detoxification and elimination processes. Before each meal we drink about 10 oz. of freshly squeezed juice, so a juicer is required. We are drinking a lot of water, including the Master Cleanse mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cloves during the day. Midday snacking is okay if you feel hungry. Personally I find that it does not take much food to sustain me during the Healing Cleanse when it is high quality organic vegetarian, non-processed food. An additional bonus is you will lose a few pounds during the Healing Cleanse. The instructions give you several options for each meal, such as a bowl of fruit, or vegetable soup, a salad with dressing, or steamed veggies with quinoa for example. Even within the parameters of the Healing Cleanse guidelines, you can make this experience uniquely yours by the food choices and recipes you decide to use.


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The Cost of the Program includes the following:

Tintures, Nosodes, etc...for the nutritional healing cleanse.A booklet detailing all you need to know to complete the Cleanse, including:

  • Daily supplement, food, and liquid requirements
  • Description of all the supplements and their effect on your system
  • Master list of food dos and don’ts
  • Shopping list
  • Delicious recipes you can use during the cleanse
  • Tips to guide you through the cleanse process
  • Daily regime of Kundalini Yoga that includes tips on energy balancing and detoxification

Chinese herbs, supplements, and tinctures packaged and organized by day and meal.

Cleanse accessories, including:

  • Water bottle
  • Tooth powder (substitute for toothpaste during cleanse)
  • Tongue scraper
  • Celtic Sea Salt (for seasoning)

Phone support during the program with Dr. Abbatiello, N.D., L.Ac. His experience in proper detoxification and usage of the protocol is available to you throughout the Cleanse.


Each person’s experience with the Healing Cleanse is different, based on your toxicity level, eating habits, and lifestyle. The Healing Cleanse is designed to avoid debilitating reactions you may encounter in other concentrated detoxification programs, yet powerful enough to cleanse your system down to the cellular level. Here’s what some recent participants have experienced:Cleanses help you feel more vibrant, healthy and balanced

  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Increased energy
  • Emotional clearing
  • Renewed sense of well-being
  • Sense of empowerment
  • Slight weight loss
  • Improved eating habits



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Some testimonies to Dr. Robert regarding his Healing Cleanse

 “Hello and thank you for having worked out such a great cleanse!… I really loved it !!!… When I finished yesterday, I was very energetic and went walking up the Bronson canyon, something I do usually but I didn’t even realize how much faster I was going till I was back down again in half of the time! Those are just a few things and there are so many more like having kick started the fat loss (I lost 5 lb.). Last but not least, this time I took for myself got me to slowdown and observe my life better from an exterior view point.” Barbara M., Italian actress


“As advertised, the 11-Day Cleanse was a transformative experience for me. It was actually fun! I liked the fact that the Cleanse had a spiritual basis & inspiration, something which enhanced what is seemingly only a physical experience. After years of feeling sluggish & un-energetic and being told it was normal for my age, I was thrilled after the cleanse to feel light & energetic – better than I had felt in ten years… Simply put, I feel more alive.” – Monica L., re-known pianist