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Kundalini Yoga Poses & Yoga Classes with Himat, Aspen Yogi

Kundalini Yoga Poses & Yoga Classes with Himat Dayvault, Aspen Yogi

There is nothing more powerful than Kundalini Yoga classes to awaken your hidden potential and amplify your life. There is nothing more elegant to strengthen all the systems of your body and to experience the power of your character. There is nothing more effective to develop the capacity to be happy in the midst of life’s challenges and access the immense, infinite wisdom within yourself. And there is nothing more profound that takes you to the core of your being, to listen deeply, and hear the pulse of the Creator, your true essence.

Throughout time, in every civilization and culture, there has been a hidden pathway, a restricted, secret technology of awakening their Infinite Self.  Sometimes it was hidden because it threatened the main culture, by suddenly allowing a person who was from a lower class to become confident and powerful; by transforming someone who seemed mediocre to become excellent.  That potential is wrapped inside each of us, and that technology that awakens your Infinite Self is call Kundalini Yoga.

Remember that intellectual knowledge does not hold and sustain you. Knowledge only becomes real wisdom when you experience it with your own heart and Being. Only the experience of that wisdom can hold and support you. Knowledge becomes wisdom when it becomes your personal experience. With Kundalini Yoga, you only learn through experience.

“The totality of all yoga is Kundalini Yoga – the yoga of awareness. This yoga is for those who want a specific course in consciousness and awareness. It demands commitment.”  — Yogi Bhajan

What is Kundalini Yoga and Who is Yogi Bhajan?

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Yogi Bhajan

The ancient, sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga was brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan in 1968 when he taught his first Kundalini Yoga class in Los Angeles. As a Master of both Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga, he was prepared to teach Hatha yoga to the counter-culture flower-power youth of that time. As a Master yogi, he realized immediately that the beautiful, gentle practice of Hatha yoga was not what these students needed at this time. They required a more powerful technique to move them from the fog of clouded consciousness brought on from drug and alcohol abuse to the experience of the realization of their divine essence. Kundalini Yoga was just the science needed to wake them up!

This presented a really big problem for him. Kundalini Yoga has been practiced for at least six thousand years and yet had never been taught publicly, openly, anywhere. The lineage of Kundalini Yoga Masters had strictly forbidden sharing these sacred teachings openly. Yogi Bhajan decided now was the time to bring this secret, sacred technology of awareness to the world to prepare for the oncoming transition into the Aquarian Age. He prayed, asked for guidance, and received permission to teach Kundalini Yoga to the world.

In northern India Kundalini Yoga was traditionally known as the householders yoga; it was designed to be fast and powerful to give you the strength and integrity to master your mind and deliver your values with integrity in your life, all while working to support a family. The head of the house, the husband, would visit the local Master yogi and ask for help. He would be given a specific yoga set and meditations to do in the early hours of the morning to prepare him for the day. This was the perfect yoga tradition to bring to the West. We do not have the time or commitment to retreat to an ashram to study and practice with a yoga master for years to reach the level of consciousness needed to thrive in today’s world. We require a spiritual practice that will unlock our inner potential through life changing exercises and meditations, quickly.

Kundalini Yoga is an experiential process of transformation. The ancient eastern scientists, the yogis, with thousands of years of research and development, designed their exercises so that when repeated correctly, those exercises would pass on the yogis wisdom to the student by practical experience. Practice creates the process of turning the practitioners into the wisdom by changing his or her internal makeup. Yogic exercises function as guides to a transformational process. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan form the owner’s manual for Human Consciousness.  It explores your dimensions, depth, nature and potential as a Human Being. Kundalini Yoga is the science of the Self. To wake up!

How do Kundalini Yoga Classes as taught by Yogi Bhajan differ from other forms of yoga?

Activating the kundalini energy is the ultimate purpose in all forms of yoga – awakening, uncoiling the kundalini source, the infinite creative potential within every person. This is a normal capacity that most people are not utilizing. This powerful spiritual energy is coiled in the sacrum at the base of the spine. Through a complex system of yoga postures, active exercises, breath (pranayam), sound current (mantra chanting) and meditations, this sacred energy can be accessed. Kundalini Yoga works directly on strengthening your entire body (glandular, immune, circulatory and nervous systems) and creating the internal environment within the body and mind to facilitate the raising of your kundalini energy vertically up the spine in a spiral pattern through all the chakras to its destination; the crown center at the top of the head.

Hatha yoga is the most popular and widely practiced form of yoga in the West. Almost all yoga classes taught today are Hatha based variations; Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, and Bikram to name just a few. They concentrate on perfecting the physical body in order to affect the mind and consciousness. Yogi Bhajan describes Hatha yoga as “a science where the sun and moon energy are directly united to raise the kundalini.” Hatha requires many years of practice under a knowledgeable teacher to reach perfection, and it emphasizes flexibility and patience. All the ancient traditional Hatha yoga systems were aimed at students who could limit or withdraw from normal life. They would move into ashrams and devote themselves to years of practice to raise their consciousness.

Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga Poses“In yoga this is how it is: twelve years of Hatha Yoga, plus six years of Raja Yoga, plus three years of Mantra Yoga, plus one year of Laya Yoga is equal to the effect of just one complete year of Kundalini Yoga. I have not written this, so don’t blame me. It is in the yogic scriptures. It is a matter of choice”. — Yogi Bhajan

It is a question of time. Just as someone may choose to exercise by walking, another will choose to exercise by running. Both will achieve their goals and arrive; it is a question of time and effort. Since any method, from prayer to dance, that helps you achieve Universal Consciousness must eventually raise your kundalini to accomplish it, why not start with Kundalini Yoga directly? What is the purpose of Hatha yoga? To raise the awareness of the individual practicing Hatha based yoga. It is a technology which brings the apana and prana, the moon and sun powers, together to raise the consciousness through the central meridian channel. In other words, its stated aim is to raise the kundalini. The problem is that it takes about 22 years to raise it that way, even with a perfect practice. That is a very long method. The difference with that and Kundalini Yoga is only a matter of time and rate of progress. The purpose of the two approaches is the same: only Kundalini Yoga is direct, quick, and a perfect practice for the pace of a modern household.

Self Magazine in a study and survey concluded, “Kundalini Yoga Classes gives the quickest and most dramatic results.”

While the Hatha based forms of yoga employ a comparatively finite number of postures that are taught in various combinations, Kundalini Yoga is comprised of thousands of different kriyas (yoga sets) that include specific Kundalini Yoga poses and exercises that are not used in the other yoga traditions. Many of the exercises are very dynamic and active, involving movement with rhythmic breathing patterns creating positive pressure which has powerful and dramatic effects physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yogi Bhajan taught Kundalini Yoga as kriyas, a sequence of postures, active exercises, breathing techniques and sound currents that are integrated together to allow the complete manifestation of a particular state, and is designed to obtain very specific results.

There are kriya sets created for any aspect of the human body/mind/soul experience. A kriya for disease resistance, kriya to prepare for deep meditation, to raise the kundalini, open the heart chakra, strengthen lungs and circulation, increase your intuition, heal your kidneys, balance your glandular system and on and on. Yogi Bhajan taught for over thirty-five years in the West and left an archive of thousands of kriyas and meditations, all documented and available to us.

This powerful system of yoga is always taught in its undiluted form in order to preserve its intent and efficacy. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is suitable for all levels, including those who have never done yoga before.

The gift and special bounty of the practice of Kundalini Yoga is the ability to rapidly encounter your own ego and to clear out its attachments so that you can revel in the light of the soul.

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