Aspen Yogi Himat Singh DayvaultHimat Singh is the spiritual name given to Mark Dayvault by Yogi Bhajan in 1991, which means “Lion of Courage”. He believes it is a blessing to receive this level of insight and awareness from a spiritual teacher that he has taken the name to project his destiny and represent his spiritual path as a yogi.

Born and raised in Kansas, he graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Interior Architecture. His professional career began in Dallas, Texas, designing corporate offices, country clubs, research facilities, and restaurants. He relocated to Washington, DC to work for the prestigious firm, Gensler and Associates. During this time he completed his architectural licensing requirements and joined the American Institute of Architects as a registered architect. He later accepted a position with George Mason University as a project manager developing academic buildings for its rapidly growing campuses. In 2005 he moved to Aspen, Colorado to pursue his dream of living and teaching in a small community in the mountains.

Himat attended his first Kundalini Yoga class in 1990 at Ahimsa Ashram in Washington DC., beginning his life’s path as a yogi. Prior to this he had been practicing martial arts and meditating daily. He found the experience of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan to be expansive, transformational and transcendent. Becoming a student of Yogi Bhajan changed his life dramatically; he started doing daily morning yoga and meditation, or sadhana, removed alcohol from his life, and become a vegetarian. This conscious yogic lifestyle gave Himat what he had been yearning for; a spiritual practice, a connection to a community of heart centered souls, and teacher to guide him to the divine light within himself. Yogi Bhajan’s message to all his students is to teach, serve, and raise the consciousness of humanity through these ancient, sacred teachings.

Himat Demonstrating a Kundalini Yoga Pose

Himat Singh Demonstrating Stretch Pose

Within a year of taking his first Kundalini Yoga class Himat began teaching yoga classes at Ahimsa Ashram, eventually becoming director of the ashram. He later started his own yoga studio, Kundalini Yoga DC, and has taught thousands of people this path of self realization and inner peace. He believes it has been a blessing to have studied directly with Yogi Bhajan and to be able to share those experiences with others. Through this relationship with his spiritual teacher, Himat developed an interest in holistic healing and the techniques to facilitate healing in others. He began to study with Guru Dev Singh, master of Sat Nam Rasayan, the healing branch of Kundalini Yoga. Yogi Bhajan personally taught Guru Dev this method of yogic healing and directed him to teach the world this modality. Himat has been practicing Sat Nam Rasayan since 1993 and continues to study with Guru Dev Singh.

That same year he experienced BioSync® and knew immediately he needed to learn this amazing bodywork. He had never experienced a healing treatment that was so deep, quick, and effective in opening his body and removing emotional blocks, and also improved his yoga practice. Coincidently, he found out that BioSync was developed by Mark Lamm, one of Yogi Bhajan’s first students when he started teaching in California in 1969! Himat first trained with Mark Lamm in 1996, becoming a certified practitioner the BioSync® Method of neuromuscular therapy. Shortly after this he became a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals Organization. He started his private practice on a part-time basis, working mostly with his yoga students to complement their yoga practice. This became a passion for him and he wanted to do this on a full-time basis. This led him to Crestone Healing Arts Center of Colorado for three months of certified training with Dan Retuta in 2004. He studied physiology, traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology, reiki and massage. This qualified him to take and pass the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork’s (NCBTMB) exam to become nationally certified and able to practice therapeutic bodywork in most states. In 2005 he relocated to Aspen, CO to begin developing his professional practice as a full-time BioSync consultant and yoga teacher.

In 2008 he spent two weeks with Mark Lamm for advanced training in BioSync to re-calibrate his technique and learn the latest developments in this evolving method of transformational bodywork. He has also continued his work with Mark with additional weeks of specialized advanced training in 2011 and 2012. Himat has completed all the advanced trainings offered by Mark Lamm and the BioSync Research Institute, of which there are only two other BioSync consultants who have reached this same level of certification.

After Mark Lamm’s passing in 2015, Himat Singh developed The Kriya Method, which is a continuation and evolution of Mark’s work by including the teachings of Yogi Bhajan into the treatment protocol. Sat Nam Rasayan is done at the end of the neuromuscular therapy phase of the treatment session. He also designed and developed post-treatment programs for the clients to practice on their own, utilizing the science of Kundalini Yoga_Meditation to continue the effect of the treatment experience.