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Kundalini Meditation
Are you in need of a profound bodywork treatment that goes beyond therapeutic massage? [Read More] Kundalini Yoga Classes in Aspen with the Only Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher in Aspen. [Read More] Kundalini Meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan are remarkable in their effect. [Read More]

 Yogi BhajanIn Kundalini Yoga the most important thing is your experience. It goes right to your heart. No words can replace that experience. Knowledge becomes wisdom when you experience it with your own heart and Being, when it becomes your personal experience.”

-Yogi Bhajan



Personal Yoga

 Nutritional Cleanse Spiritual Sex Click here for more about a Personal Yoga Consultation with The Aspen Yogi
11 or 7-Day Programs of Self-Healing based on Ancient Principles of Natural Cleansing. [Read More] Learn how to Enhance Your Sexual Experience by using Kundalini Yoga Techniques. [Read More] Book a Personal Yoga Consultation with Aspen Kundalini Yoga Expert, The Aspen Yogi, Himat Singh Dayvault. [Read More]

 If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that.”  — Goethe

The Aspen Yogi Himat Dayvault

Himat Singh  Dayvault





Welcome to, a place of yogic practices of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. All of the services offered are based on ancient sacred principles of facilitating human growth and potential. Based on thousands of years of research and development, these methods of healing and transformation are directly connected to the lineage of the previous spiritual teachers, mystics and sages.
The Kriya Method_NMT is a modern, state-of-the-art neuromuscular therapy_bodywork treatment which combines diverse Eastern and Western methods of healing. The teachings of Yogi Bhajan include Kundalini Yoga, his remarkable meditations, Yogic Numerology, and his ideology on human sexuality. The Nutritional Healing Cleanse is a program of self-healing that incorporates many of the most effective, time tested methods of natural healing.
Himat Singh Dayvault, the Aspen Yogi, offers these sacred techniques of transformation to you in the beautiful mountain town of Aspen, Colorado, or through this website. Visit and explore both Aspen, CO and to find your path to pure potential.